Thursday, 12 December 2013

Fluxus Poems

A lot of postdramatic concrete poetry is quite interesting, but hard to understand as it is very often in different languages. Not all concrete poem has to create an image, as I found out after looking through many examples. The pieces I am creating often will, but some of these pictures will be unrecognisable to anyone but the artist themselves. And often the meaning is hidden from the passerby.  

One artist affiliated with Fluxus who created concrete poetry was Jackson Mac Low. His work was definitely more abstract than the work we created in class and often didn’t create a picture as such. His work focused more on the words than the shape that those words created and was very experimental. He was inspired by John Cage’s chance-generated poems and “[…] subsequently wrote and performed Fluxus poetry. (One) of his concrete poems, called Gathas [...], can be read in any direction.” (Higgins, 2002, p. 21)


Higgins, H. (2002). Fluxux Experience. Retrieved from

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