Thursday, 12 December 2013


Some reflections after the event:
It was interesting to see that people who were given a tissue were unwilling to rub out another person’s work. They all (bar one) stood unsure of themselves for a minute before either leaving or getting themselves a pen. A few people tried to talk to me (this may be because a lot of people were interacting with the audience in their installations). But as mine was about removing the identity of a person I felt it was important that I didn’t chat away to people. Everyone who was given a pen got involved in some way, to varying degrees. Most people attempted their own type of concrete poetry, though some people’s response was just to write ‘I woz ere’.

The finished pieces of 'art':

It was a challenge getting the sticky backed plastic to stick to the walls, even though it had worked when I had practised in the weeks running up to the event. This was overcome by taping the corners down, which actually gave an interesting effect, as artists often tape their paper down onto their easels.

It was interesting to see who came up, and who was willing to get involved.

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