Thursday, 12 December 2013

Our City

The stimulus for our postdramatic piece is the book 'Communion Town' by Sam Thompson. It is an interesting book split up into ten chapters. Each chapter appears at first to be completely disconnected from the others, but as you continue to read you begin to understand that they are all about the same city, just from different people’s perspectives. The way this can inspire us is because even if I live in the same city as my friend it will be a different city to both of us. When I think of Portsmouth I think of it as home, where my friends are, where I grew up…but someone else who just moved to study here would think of university, partying, studying. A tourist would think of the sea and the arcade, or the hotels along the seafront.  
We are all thinking about the same city but as our point of view is personal, it is a different city to each of us.

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