Thursday, 12 December 2013


"Fluxus works are simple. The art is small, the texts are short, and the performances are brief." 
("About Fluxus", n.d.)

We decided to create a ‘Flux Festival’ with lots of different installations around the very historic setting of the Round Tower, in Old Portsmouth. This area has a great view of the spinnaker tower, the sea and other landmarks. As Portsmouth as a city is known for being by the sea, and also it’s naval links, this is the perfect setting for our piece.
Our marketing scheme was to create a twitter account and use one word to embody our piece. We chose #konform, and our plan was to create posters around with just that word on it and see if people would find out about our piece using social media!

The word ‘konform’ is thought-provoking as conforming is about joining with others, and going with the flow in order to fit in. Yet we have spelt it with a ‘k’, thus breaking from the normal way of spelling. This is still problematic though because everyone is trying to be different and cutting edge these days, and so by changing the spelling, are we still conforming?

The whole idea of conforming is intriguing in our piece as so many of the installations are interactive in some way. We want to see if people will get involved, and if they are more likely to join in if they see other people doing it! It is quite normal that if you see someone else doing something you are more likely to do it yourself. This is because as a society we are often trying to avoid embarrassment.


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