Thursday, 12 December 2013

Personal Poems

One week in our rehearsal session we all set about creating our own pieces of concrete poetry. I laid out a few guidelines:

-          The poems didn’t need to rhyme
-          They needed to be about your own view of Portsmouth
-          You could either use the poem to fill in the picture or use the poem to create the outline
-          There is no right or wrong way to do it
-          Just think about a shape that’s iconic to Portsmouth.

Each person in class came up with a concrete poem. It was interesting to see how each person saw the task differently. There were a few about the sea, three or four about ships or the navy in general, and a few about iconic buildings in the area. Some easily wrote a poem to do with Portsmouth and then struggled to think of a picture to go with it. Others thought of a picture easily then couldn’t write a poem so ended up just filling their picture with words. 

 They were all very different.

Some examples:

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